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E-Commerce solution and web API
for 3D-printing bureaus


If you run a 3D printing bureau, you'll love Fabnami

Mesh checks

Accurately check 3D-meshes for any topological or geometrical issue that might affect 3D printing. Fabnami can be tuned to the requirements of most professional 3D printers and print material.

Instant quotes

Configure your pricing models based on print duration, print & support material, binder, dye and finish. Display prices in real time or review them them before sending the quotes to your clients.

Mesh healing

Fabnami can optionally apply a wide range of mesh-healing algorithms. We partnered with Materialise to offer 3D Print Cloud's choice of reliable and proven algorithms.

Online payments

Fabnami integrates Stripe, Paymill and PayPal. It can be configured to automatically send personalised invoices and collect VAT numbers. Fabnami supports prices in any currency.

Made for you

Prior to deployment, we integrate Fabnami with your favorite tools and tailor it to your 3D printers, pricing model and business process, so that you can keep on working the same way, just faster.


Fabnami is based on several Amazon Web Services, including Lambda, which guarantees a fault-tolerant, scalable, high-performance data processing under virtually any load.


Manage orders, payments and customer accounts with your favorite tools: Fabnami integrates Citrix Podio, Xero and SalesForce. Optionally, data can be exported as a spreadsheet.

Simple integration

You can embed Fabnami's e-shop into your website or use a simple web form. Fabnami will run the file analysis and quote the prints in real-time or according to your business process.

Encrypted and safe

All data transfer are encrypted by SSL. Data at rest are encrypted with the EAS-256 algorithm and permanently deleted after 90 days. Our servers never receive or store credit card data.


A modern user interface with an outstanding user experience.

E-shop front-end

Model visulization, price list and cart

E-shop checkout

Cart content, quantities and prices

Configuration app

Offer any number of materials


A selection of our business partners and Fabnami users.

Stevens Senn

my3Dworld (Zurich, Switzerland)

"Fabnami's accurate and fast pricing engine has become an indispensable tool also in our back-office"

Nick Allen

3DPrintUK (London, UK)

"We teamed up with Fabnami to turn it into a good solution for large-scale bureaus as well the small ones"

Tyler Pope

3DPrintingAlly (Eden Prairie, MN USA)

"Fabnami has improved our workflow. I now spend less time quoting and more time managing our business."

Would you like to give Fabnami a test drive? Contact us at info@fabnami.com


Fabnami is priced based on usage, you can freely choose your monthly quota.

includes custom invoices
quote validation,
e-shop or web form
billed automatically
or after confirmation
to help you budget
made for you
service level agreement
strategy consulting
algorithm design

Contact us for 3rd-party service integration, direct access to the API and custom development.


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Real-time automatic 3D-files upload

Payment gateways

Accept online payments

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