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If you run a 3D printing bureau, you'll love Fabnami

Mesh checks

Choose between standard and strict geometry and topology checks, warn your users with custom messages and offer additional services in case of issues with the 3D models.

Instant quotes

Configure your pricing models based on print duration, print & support material, binder, dye and finish. Fabnami supports a wide range of professional and desktop 3D printers.

Online payments

Fabnami integrates Stripe, Paymill and PayPal. It can be configured to automatically send invoices and collect VAT numbers. Fabnami supports pricing in most currencies.

Mesh healing

Fabnami automatically and transparently applies all mesh-healing algorithms necessary to quote the prints, limited to those that do not need human double-checks.

Custom themes

You can modify Fabnami's base CSS stylesheet to seamlessly integrate it into your website. Fabnami plays well with any website and most Content Management Systems.


Forget software installations, updates and crashes: Fabnami is a cloud-based, fully managed solution that runs on fault-tolerant, high-performance servers.

Order management

Manage your orders with Fabnami's back-office application or take advantage of Fabnami's integration with Citrix Podio and install its free 3D Printing Application Pack.

Simple integration

You can embed Fabnami's e-shop into a page of your website, have it show up in a modal window or simply link it from your website. All that only needs a few lines of HTML.

Encrypted and safe

All data transfer are encrypted by SSL. Data at rest are encrypted with the EAS-256 algorithm and permanently deleted after 90 days. Our servers never receive or store credit card data.


A modern user interface with an outstanding user experience.

E-shop front-end

Model visulization, price list and cart

E-shop checkout

Cart content, quantities and prices

Configuration app

Offer any number of materials


Algorithms, pricing models, scalable infrastructure and business strategy, delivered.

Math and more

We develop algorithms for 3D-mesh analysis, repair and support-material optimization as well as simple and accurate 3D-print pricing formulas for any hardware and technology.

Up to the Cloud

We turn your library or application into a fast, scalable and highly-available web app or API and we help you monetize it. We have done it for Fabnami: we can do it again for you.

3D Strategies

We consulted and advised on technology and market-entry strategy start-ups and large corporations. We have a unique viewpoint on the 3D industry, let us share it with you.


A selection of our business partners and Fabnami users.

Stevens Senn

my3Dworld (Zurich, Switzerland)

"Fabnami's accurate and fast pricing engine has become an indispensable tool also in our back-office"

Nick Allen

3DPrintUK (London, UK)

"We teamed up with Fabnami to turn it into a good solution for large-scale bureaus as well the small ones"

Tyler Pope

3DPrintingAlly (Eden Prairie, MN USA)

"Fabnami has improved our workflow. I now spend less time quoting and more time managing our business."

Would you like to give Fabnami a test drive? Contact us at info@fabnami.com

About Fabnami

Milestones and media.

  • May 2013


    We start the development of Fabnami, which was still called CR8 · CREATE. After four months we release a minimal viable product.

  • September 2013

    Great Britain

    3DPrintUK's innovative manager Nick Allen becomes our first early adopter. That marked the beginning of a beautiful collaboration.
    (image: Nick Allen)

  • April 2014

    We have ignition

    Davide Sher of 3D Printing Industry and 3Ders publish articles about Fabnami. In the meanwhile we keep up on-boarding users.
    (image: Davide Sher)

  • September 2014

    Getting momentum

    We develop accurate pricing models for the most popular professional 3D printers. Fabnami is also featured on 3DPrint.com.
    (image: my3Dworld)

  • October 2014

    Connecting the dots

    We publish on the Citrix Podio marketplace a set of applications for 3D-printing bureaus that can be integrated into Fabnami.
    (image: Podio)

  • March 2015


    We release new features like advanced support material generation, order-fulfillment status report and use statistics.

  • October 2015


    We design and develop innovative algorithms to price SLS 3D-prints according to realistic print-volume occupancy.

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Contact us for 3rd-party service integration, direct access to the API and custom development.


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